For world class North Korean defector, a vocation and bodyguards anticipate in South


SEOUL – Thae Yong Ho, the most senior North Korean ambassador to escape toward the South, is prone to have round-the-clock assurance and bring home the bacon at a research organization keep running by Seoul's knowledge administration, say world class deserters who took after a comparable way. 

Blacklisted American deported from Pakistan

Thae, who was appointee represetative at the North's international safe haven in London, deserted with his family and touched base in the South, Seoul said late on Wednesday, a humiliating blow for pioneer Kim Jong Un's undeniably confined Pyongyang authority. 

A large number of about 27,000 North Koreans who have fled the bankrupted, oppressive North for the rich and popularity based South battle to absorb and are financially underestimated, however all around associated turncoats like Thae are dealt with as a significant asset who can reveal insight into an undercover neighbor. 

In the same way as other prominent deserters, Kim Kwang-jin works for the Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS), a research organization keep running by South Korea's spy office, the National Intelligence Service (NIS). 

"To live here, obviously, everyone needs an occupation, and the South Korean government offers employments to individuals. I was given the chance to work at INSS," said Kim, who abandoned with his family in 2003 while working in Singapore for a North Korean protection firm that got to be famous for inclusion in tricks. 

Choi Ju-hwal was a colonel in the North Korean armed force when he fled to South Korea by means of Hong Kong amid a business trip in China in 1995, making him the most elevated amount military turncoat at the time. He was an INSS analyst from 1997 to 2012 preceding leaving to head the Association of the North Korean Defectors. 

"(The legislature) can't simply pay him (Thae) in vain, so it is undoubtedly that he would be given work at the examination organization," said Choi, now 67, alluding to the INSS. The NIS declined to remark on Thae. 


A few turncoats change their names for security purposes and to ensure friends and family deserted, or to seem less clearly North Korean. 

Most keep a low open profile, albeit a few, as Kim, get to be unmistakable through media appearances as specialists on North Korea. 

While Thae had a moderately high open profile as a delegate of North Korea in London, Choi anticipates that the ex-ambassador will attempt to live secretly in South Korea. 

"He won't seek after an open life, since he needs to consider the wellbeing of his family he brought here. Being tranquil can hurt individuals around him less, so I don't think he will do open exercises," Choi said. 

Choi said that for a long time, he had four outfitted policemen guarding him day and night because of worries about his security. He now has a lower level of police insurance. 

Kim, the previous protection specialist, said he used to have one round-the-clock furnished bodyguard. 

Exhausting JOURNEY 

Most common deserters make an extensive and frequently nerve racking overland trip crosswise over North Korea's outskirt with China to a third nation before touching base via air in South Korea. 

Upon landing, they are held for up to 180 days alone in agreeable rooms, and screened to ensure that they are not spies or impostors. 

After that, they are exchanged to a resettlement complex, which they can't leave, for an additional 12 weeks, to help them conform to life in the South. 

Numerous end up working in eateries and other low-paid positions, gaining 67 percent of the national normal pay, information from the parliamentary spending office appears. 

When they complete their resettlement program, every deserter gets 20 million won ($18,025) to discover lodging and occupations. Some utilization piece of their sponsorship to pay private merchants who encouraged their departure. 

"Common turncoats are experiencing issues in landing positions and instruction and making families here," said Seo Jae-pyoung, a deserter who left his country in 2001 and now works for Choi's gathering to bolster standard deserters in the South. 

"It is not all that simple for them as individuals say." 

For higher-positioning deserters, the procedure can be distinctive. 

Kim said he was in South Korea, where he experienced cross examination, inside 24 hours of strolling into the South Korean consulate in Singapore. Choi was addressed alone at an insight organization safe house. The same could be valid for Thae. 

By and large, the quantity of North Korean turncoats toward the South has declined since pioneer Kim took power taking after his dad's demise in late 2011. 

Be that as it may, in the initial seven months of 2016 it ascended by around 15 percent year-on-year to 814, including a gathering of 13 laborers from a North Korean eatery in Ningbo, China. 

Specialists say the offer of all around associated deserters is rising, an expansion that ex-insurance agency official Kim said started when the 2013 execution of Kim Jong Un's effective uncle, Jang Song Thaek, shook Pyongyang's tip top. 

"In the past we couldn't have envisioned that these sort of individuals are coming here – these sort of individuals from these sort of families," Kim said.

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