Foods You Should Eat This Winter


As the weather changes, we start having different variety of food. Similarly, the consumption of carrot increases in winter season. In this season, we consume food that involves great amount of vitamin and nutrition. Carrot has vitamins and minerals in good quantity. It is considered highly beneficial for winters. Today, we are telling you about the list of food items that you must consume in winter season, check here:

Surprising Benefits of Almond oil

Amla is not only beneficial for health but also keeps blood clean and provides glow on the face. Therefore, definitely include amla in your diet.

Carrot is beneficial for eyes as it involves lot of vitamin A. It is best to provide moisture on the face. It keeps dryness of face at bay and makes face shiny.

Consume lot of citrus fruit in winters as it includes great amount of vitamin C. Eat orange, lemon etc., which keep the skin soft and removes rigidness.

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Pineapple contains antioxidants which treat the problems of acne, joints, scars, blackheads. It is also beneficial in cleaning the hair follicle from time to time.