Food that can help you to lose weight


Lose Weight

We all do know that workouts and diet control are two popular ways to lose weight. Often when these two methods prove difficult and impractical amidst the tough life schedule, people lose heart feeling that losing weight is a distant or impossible goal. The good news is that certain food combinations can help lose weight the natural way.

The real problem

The issue of weight management is centred on a vital aspect called digestion, which is often ignored or not given enough importance. For instance, if some food stuffs are not digested properly, weight gain, gas and constipation might be the result. Therefore, healthy food combinations that are easily digested are the key to losing weight the easy way.

Leafy vegetables and proteins

These two go with each other very well. While greens are a rich source of fibre, they are also good in regulating the blood glucose levels. Greens promote digestion and supply you enough of A,C and E vitamins and minerals including copper, zinc and iron. Greens are digested effortlessly. Therefore when you take proteins along with greens, the body can slowly and gradually work on protein thereby letting it develop muscles and burn fat. This combination can also help maintain the pH to alkaline levels which is vital for weight loss.

Leafy vegetables and carbs

While carb foods like oats, brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes are excellent energy sources for your body, it is good to combine them with greens and not protein rich foods. In fact, as a matter of fact, eating proteins and carbs together can lead to weight gain. Combining greens with carbs, you are allowing the enzymes to fully and slowly act on the carbs thereby releasing the maximum nutrients from them. The greens supply the alkaline atmosphere thereby aiding digestion and regulating blood sugar levels.

Leafy vegetables and fat

Some combinations involving greens with fats can give you highly encouraging results with your weight loss ambitions. Some good combinations under this category include avocado and green salad, greens cooked in coconut oil, celery dipped in hummus or guacamoles. Fats also help in absorbing the essentials minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the greens. Once this happens, your brain feels it is full and lets you experience satiety.

Fats and proteins

If you wish to stabilize your blood sugar levels and at the same time have a filling diet, you can try these combinations. Take some nuts along with yoghurt, dark chocolate and yoghurt, protein bar or chicken salad with avocados. It is in fact ideal to add greens to their combination as it can lead to a well balanced and complete sort of mix.

Coffee and fresh fruit

This is a great combination especially in the morning. As coffee supplies instant energy and fruits are digested easily and quickly, the body receives a good boost of energy in the morning to spend on workouts and burning fat. However, afterwards, you can think of refuelling the body with some protein rich diet.

Dry fruits and nuts

These are incredibly wonderful combinations as they can together get digested easily. This will make you understand the logic behind trail mix. Normally when you consume dry fruits and nuts together, you will hardly feel gas or indigestion problems.