Food items that should be avoided with milk


Milk involves almost all types of nutritious ingredients which is very beneficial for body. One should consume milk on daily basis as it is very helpful in making bones strong. It includes protein, fats, calcium, bacteria etc which provides great health benefits to body. Today we are telling you about some items that you should not take along with milk as it can be prove harmful to you. Check out:

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Avoid having chilly-spiced food along with milk. It can lead to gas and allergic problems. Never take it with milk or with milk based products.

Do not eat milk and yogurt at the same time. You may face problem of acidity, gas, vomiting and indigestion. So it’s better to avoid milk and yogurt together.

If there is onion in the food, avoid taking milk with it or after it. This combination can cause problems related to skin like itching and eczema.

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If you have consumed lemon or sour things, then avoid taking milk for at least one hour. You may face acidity, gas problems