Food to consume during Shravan month


The principle plan of fasting is not to torment yourself but rather to detoxify your body and learn discretion. In this manner, in the event that you take after a legitimate eating routine amid your quick will you feel fulfilled as well as develop more advantageous.

Significance of Shravan Amavasya

This year Shraavan maas and Ramadan are concurring. On the off chance that individuals don’t take after a sound eating routine, heftiness and disease will come about.

Amid this period, it is vital that one should design one’s suppers in a way that one has enough vitality for the duration of the day and furthermore one doesn’t put on weight.

This is troublesome as amid Shraavan individuals eat potatoes, sabudana, seared nourishments and desserts and amid Ramadan non-vegan sustenance and desserts is the standard.

Primary explanation behind weight pick up as of now is the utilization of pan fried nourishments.

The typical routine is irritated in the two cases. Due to the long holes between dinners the BMR of fasting individuals goes down which likewise brings about weight pick up.

In Shravan a couple of individuals quick for the entire month and others quick just on sawan ka somwars. For the most part, individuals eat their lone feast after dusk. Fasting once seven days washes down the body framework. Individuals fasting should take heaps of products of the soil yet as a general rule they take loads of fricasseed and boring nourishment.

Eating solid is critical for the individuals who quick for the entire month. In Shraavan the good thing is that individuals can eat products of the soil liquids.

Taking an ordinary feast once in a day is fine yet for those individuals who don’t eat grains and heartbeats for the whole month, it is critical that they take 500 – 750 ml drain and curd and 30 – 50 gm paneer or chhena. You can take few nuts, dates and raisins.

Take bigger amounts of those products of the soil including-doodhi, galka, green verdant vegetables. But beans you can eat every one of the vegetables.

You can eat potatoes and crude bananas however in restricted amount. Broiled or bubbled arrangements of potatoes and bananas ought to be favored over browned arrangements.

In this quick, your eating regimen plan is for the most part bothered, on account of which you may create blockage. To maintain a strategic distance from this drink no less than 8-10 glasses of water amid the day.

Menu Plan

Breakfast: A glass of drain shake with organic product like banana, chikoo or apple.

Mid-morning: Fruits and vegetables blended juice – 1 glass


l Sabudana kichdi or moriya ki kichdi or heated up potatoes’ chaat and vegetables or singhoda flour chilas – 2

l1 bowl bubbled or sautéd vegetables or serving of mixed greens

l1 bowl curd or lassi

Night tea: 1 glass tea or espresso or squeeze or lime water or coconut water

Supper: Chapathis of rajgira flour or singhoda flour – 2 or 3 or moriya ki kichdi – 2 bowls

l vegetable – 1or 2 bowls

l serving of mixed greens – 1 plate

l curd or custom made sweet

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Sleep time: skimmed drain 1 container, natural products.