Follow these instructions and you will not miss a word of keynote of Apple


Apple’s September event is just approximately at the corner and the world will go into passion. This year’s event will be held at 10:30PM IST and, as always, will be streamed live on Apple’s website. As usual, there are also some caveats when it comes to watching the stream and if you’re not on an iDevice or Windows 10, there’s a bit of setting up to do.

Expect to see a bunch of new iPhones and iPads and Macs perhaps a glimpse of Apple Watch update 2. There is a slim chance.

Excited consumers should know that the design of the new smartphone is close-to-identical to the iPhone 6s; some noted aesthetic changes include a streamlined antenna and a more prominent camera. The most dramatic functional change of course is the removal of the industry-standard audio-jack. The larger camera hints at greatly improved phone-camera capability, with an improved flash, for starters. Tech Crunch has suggested that the push for iPhone camera quality comes with a goal to render DSLR photography obsolete (unlikely), with the advent of high quality, always-in-you-pocket cameras; This is not so far-fetched of an idea, if you have seen the growing number user-snapped photography ads placed by Apple on nearly every New York City subway platform.

Apple Watch 2 also launched with iPhone7 on September 7

A supposed dual-lens camera system could allow for better picture options in low-light, and multiple camera angles. Improvements in the camera also point to a faster processor, with the AppleA10 chip marking a dramatic improvement in processing speed at a time when mobile devices are getting faster with each upgrade. Faster speed also comes with increased memory; the 16GB option for storage will likely be phased out for a phone with 32GB, 128GB or possibly 256GB of file space.

Apple will wrap up the upgraded iPhone in a piano-black shell that is allegedly waterproof.

iOS10’s biggest change-to-date is an overhaul of Siri, which includes Siri extensions. Extensions will allow users to expand their voice-commands to calling rides, or even paying people in Venmo.

An additional recently announced update is the ability to have customized widgets available from the lock screen. Most importantly, Apple is breaking down many of the barriers previously held against third-part developers, allowing new minds to further push the capabilities of the new device.

apple watch 2Apple Watch is getting its first major update in 18 months. The anticipated features include a GPS chip, a faster processor, a slightly bigger battery to run all of this as well as a slimmer display to compensate for the bigger battery, according to Tech Crunch. The tech blog also believes that this watch will focus more on the average consumer, over the high-end luxury wearable that have been popping up with increasing popularity.

Apple’s website has all the details on their Event Page which outlines the requirements which are basically you need an iPad, iPhone or iPod using Safari, or a Mac with Safari Browser.

Good news is that Windows 10 users with Microsoft Edge can also stream the event.

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