Flood In Nagaland District, 2 killed, 2 Missing


Incessant rains amid the previous couple of days have brought flash flood in Phek region of Nagaland killing two individuals.

A scan was on for two other people who were accounted for missing in the flash flood that struck the area on the midnight of May 30, Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority said in a press release.

Paddy fields close Meluri town in Phek area were washed away in which four people were washed away and one individual was harmed.

The five individuals were resting in their home when the rising water of the blaze flood spouted in.

While two bodies have been recovered, a scan was on for following the two others.

Two bridges in Phonkuri town under Meluri sub-division have likewise been washed away in the blaze flood.

Then, substantial winds have made harms public utility administrations in Mokokchung area.