Flipkart to Increase Price of their Product from Today


New Delhi: Country’s largest online marketplace Flipkart is increasing price of their product. From Wednesday, a variety of products sold on Flipkart will be 15% to 20% extra expensive compared to rivals, counting Snapdeal, Amazon, Voonik and Paytm. This rise in price of products is for the reason that in the subsequent phases of Online protest, E-Seller Suraksha, a discussion for traders advertising on e-commerce websites and apps, has asked its 1,574 members to move up prices of products on India’s largest e-commerce website.

The remonstration is for Flipkart’s revised fee arrangement and come back charges. The e-seller lately abridged the period for returns on products that is electronics, smartphones and books from 30 days to 10 days. It also augmented the commission it charges from sellers by 10% to 40%, and conveyed that sellers would have to pay for delivery costs in case of returns. It has also increased the platform charges and introduced a system, wherein sellers need to enter the exact weight of the product.

Sanjay Thakur, president of eSeller Suraksha conveyed that, the e-commerce major remained frightened. “Flipkart told us that they were operating in fatalities and looking to set up a profitable business.” Sellers conveyed that the amendment will have an unfavorable crash on their business. They told that there are only two options — either to quit Flipkart and move to additional e-commerce businesses, or augment the prices of their products. According to calculations of eSeller Suraksha’s, there will be 200% to 300% add to in permanent fee. Returns would cost a seller Rs 108.9-197.45 for a product value Rs 600 and having a shipping heaviness of 400 grams. In the meantime, Amazon decrease commissions by 20% to 58% lowly for electronic devices and uppermost for movies, allowing sellers to present products at a lower cost. “The seller forum is grateful to Amazon. A lot of our sellers don’t even want to enlarge the prices of the goods of Flipkart — they just want to shift their inventory to other platforms.