Flipkart revises return policy, users will have only 10 days to return


New Delhi : Flipkart, which is arguably India's biggest e-retailer, has revised its return policy for popular products. The policy, which earlier allowed customers to return a product in within 30 days of purchase, will now give only a 10-day window to consumers. The leader of India's ecommerce space also told sellers on the platform that they will have to pay higher commissions from June 20. 

The revised policy is applicable on categories like mobile phones, electronics and books, which are also the top-selling categories on Flipkart. However, the old 30-days policy will still be applicable for footwear, eyewear, jewellery, clothing, watches, fashion accessories, and large appliances.

"The impact of this change should come into effect from July," the company said in a communication to sellers. Flipkart, which is still India's biggest success story in e-commerce, has lost its mojo in the last few months. The company's valuation, depending on who you ask, has taken a hit and it is reportedly finding difficult to raise the kind of money that it was raising from investors earlier. It is also facing tough competition from companies Like Amazon and Snapdeal.

The revised return policy is probably an attempt by Flipkart to reduce its cost. The generous return policy, which although regular in more mature markets like the US, was unique in India when it was introduced by Flipkart. However, it was probably abused by buyers, leading to increase in costs for Flipkart and its sellers.

The shortened period to replace a product would possibly help sellers using Flipkart deal with fraudulent replacement claims in a better way. "The revised structure across shipping, commission and returns will enable sellers to have predictability and better manage their online business," said a Flipkart spokesperson, according to the ET report.

Recently, Amazon had also revised its return and refund policy on popular products like mobile phones. The revised Amazon policy also requires a user to replace the product within 10 days, if necessary.