Flipkart delivery boy found guilty of replacing 12 iPhones with fake ones


Earlier, reports came that Flipkart customers are getting mangoes and bricks in place of their orders. However, this time a Flipkart delivery boy cheated the company by replacing the 12 genuine iPhone with the fake ones.

According to a report by New Indian Express, a 21-year old B Naveen, who joined company four months ago in Chennai, placed the order for iPhone from the addresses falling under his area of operation (Wasgermenpet). Once the iPhone got shipped to the address, he replaced the genuine ones with the fake ones and returned them stating that the customer was not satisfied with the product.

While he went unnoticed for the first time, Naveen continued this swindle for a month. The company finally noticed that most of the phones were being returned from the single area only and that too fake. The accused was arrested on Sunday thereafter against the complaint which was lodged by Vetriselvam, the warehouse owner.

“Initially he ordered a phone using a fake address and replaced it with phone, a China model he brought from Ritchie Street and returned to the warehouse saying it was returned by the customer. As he didn’t get caught, he followed this trick twice by ordering in bulk,” police told the newspaper.

Reportedly, Naveen was doing so to clear his debts. “He was under a good amount of debt, taken from his friends during college life. So that was stated to be the motive behind the act,” said the police officer.