Flash Flood triggered by torrential rains along Manipur-Myanmar border


IMPHAL: A blaze surge activated by heavy rains on Monday night along Manipur-Myanmar fringe washed away a bridge and devastated a few houses, the police said on Tuesday.

However , no loss was accounted for.

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“The water level of the Khujairok river along the international border receded within a few hours,” a police officer told Media.

He said there was heavy downpour enduring over a hour on Monday night and the level of the Khujairok stream broke the peril check in a matter of seconds.Tribal individuals from close-by towns said they were practically found snoozing.

“The flash flood razed six houses at Chavangphai village near the international border. But, as we managed to run uphill, there was no casualty. Pigs and other domesticated animals are also safe,” a villager said

One of the engineer posted in Moreh region along the outskirt said, “There was a wooden extension, interfacing Chavangphai town with Moreh Ward No 5. It escaped. Presently it will require some investment to develop another scaffold.”Subsiding waters came as a gigantic help to the villagers, as they could swim through the stream water since Tuesday morning.

Government officials and elected representatives of people rushed to Moreh on Tuesday to assess the damages. A government official said that a report has been sent to the government and financial assistance could be extended to the victims to reconstruct their damaged houses.

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