Five Pak Nationals Detained From Restricted Area In Rajasthan’s Barmer


Two men, two ladies and a youngster were captured in Rajasthan’s Barmer after they were discovered meandering in a zone where entry is confined. It had all the earmarks of being a family from Pakistan, which had crossed over to visit their relations, said the local police, who are addressing them.

“They have substantial travel documents. Be that as it may, as they entered a zone where earlier permission is vital from the government, we have captured them,” said a local cop, Karan Singh.

The police speculate the family, who are tribals and not taught, had not understood that they were in a restricted entry area.

Territories under 12 police headquarters in Barmer, which is near the border with Pakistan, have restricted entry. Frequently, the families living adjacent, who cross over to visit relatives, get captured by the police in the prohibited entry ranges.