Five more illegal marriage gardens sealed by JMC in Jaipur


Proceeding with its drive against the illicit marriage gardens, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) on Thursday sealed five marriage gardens working unlawfully in the city.

The marriage gardens, which have been fixed by the JMC authorities, are arranged on Delhi street and Loha Mandi

Authorities said that they have fixed Ajay tenthouse , Maatsheri gardern , Dev Paradise and Mangalam Paradise arranged on Mochra street close Loha Mandi. Essentially , Gokul gardern on Delhi street was sealed.

Bhatarpur’s marriage yard where 24 people passed on in wall collapse this month , was professedly working with no authorization. However, it was by all account not the only marriage garden as the JMC has gotten a great deal numerous in Jaipur city too that are working with no licence. Up until this point, in the previous five days, the JMC has fixed no less than 25 such marriage gardens in the city which were working with no permission.

Local self government (LSG) division had issued headings on May 11 to its authorities to make a move against those marriage gardens working illegally.