Five Features Only Google Pixel Phone Users Will Get


Google has come up with two new smartphones Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. The price of the Pixel smartphones starts at Rs. 57,000 for the 32GB variant while the Pixel XL smartphone price has been fixed at Rs. 67,000 for the 32GB variant.

Both the smartphones has Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM, long time battery capacity.  The cellphones sport 8-megapixel front camera, and 12.3-megapixel rear camera.

Replacement Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Five features of Google Pixel Smartphones :

1. Unlimited photo and video storage for life

Google Pixel phones have a unlimited photo and video storage capacity. The cellphone has a "high-quality" size. Google's Pixel phones will offer unlimited backups of photos and videos at full resolution – even videos recorded at 4K will be backed up for free on the cloud, with no limit.

2. Smart storage

Google Pixel phones have smart storage feature which automatically removes images and videos from your phone to the cloud when it decides that you're running short on space.

This means that your 32GB storage will still be adequate for use, even if you decide to film 4K videos – the files will just live on the cloud instead of filling up your phone needlessly.

3) Google Assistant

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the main cell phones with Google Assistant inherent. Google Assistant is the new savvy collaborator that a portion of the general population perusing would as of now have encountered expresses gratitude toward toAllo. The Assistant gets elevated to the home screen, and you can ring it with a long-push on the home catch.

The Assistant is more than only a voice seek interface – it's went down by AI smarts, and it contextualizes the data it uncovers through your prior cooperations. In our utilization of Allo, the Assistant appeared to be a work in advancement, however Google says that the more you utilize it, the more valuable it will get to be. Starting now, you can as of now utilize it to add occasions to your logbook, make a basic need list, and explore home.

Google has told Gadgets 360 that the element will come to different telephones, however didn't declare a course of events for this.

4) Pixel Launcher

Google's Pixel Launcher is selective to the Pixel telephones, and is the advancement of the Google Now Launcher. This incorporates supplanting Google Now with the Google Assistant, a dynamic logbook symbol that demonstrates to you the date in a look, a patched up application drawer, new, round application symbols, and then some.

Google may convey it to more gadgets down the line, however given the name, don't get your desires up for this event sooner rather than later. Sideloading could be an alternative, as was exhibited when the informal rendition released a month ago.

5) 24/7 customer support

One of the most serious issues with purchasing a telephone is getting client support. Google knows about this, and is putting forth every minute of every day client support by means of both voice and content and it likewise has a screen sharing arrangement so that the technical support can straightforwardly see what's on your screen to analyze issues. It's a discretionary setting, in the event that you were stressing over security issues.

Setting up this requires a considerable measure of labor, which is the reason Google can't move this specific component out to all telephones, however obviously, different makers could include a comparative element themselves on the off chance that they needed to.

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