Fitness Exercises according to your zodiac signs


Our zodiac sign determines our many personality choices and taking a cue from the same we can decide which workout routine works best for us! Let us explore…


Aries love an action-packed day and have no time for dull activities. They are competitive and always on the lookout for a new challenge. As a fire sign, they are motivated individuals and emit aggressive energies. Hence, they need a workout that will keep them inspired and want more!

Aries workout plan

To keep it interesting and keep challenging their own personal records, they should try spin classes or an indoor cycling class to channel the pent-up energy. Or simply put in a running regime for three days a week. This will help them stay fit as well as calm


A comfort-loving Taurus will not want to exert too much. Do they want to work out? Yes but without the feeling of working out! This is because an intense exercise will tire them out instead of energizing them. They prefer graceful routines that they can enjoy in a relaxed paced.

Taurus’s workout plan

Exercise is important and Taureans agree. But they need to combine the fun element in the fitness routine to stay committed. Hence, a ballet class or a barre class or even Zumba which is a combination of dance and aerobics is great!


The ever jumpy Gemini hates boring routines or anything that becomes routine. They thrive on variety. And making exercise plans with friends is something they look forward to. So even if they are feeling lazy but know that a friend is waiting for them, they will be quick to join them.

Gemini workout plan

Yoga is a great option for Gemini as it involves very many asanas and with friends, it is enjoyable. It is complex yet simple. Learning more about new poses will keep the Gemini engaged.


Cancerians are house-proud folks and they prefer staying home as much as they can. Also, they are very image conscious so being among extremely fit people at the gym will get their mind running in all sorts of direction! As they are a water sign, fluidity in movements is much preferred. They enjoy routine as well and their curious nature keeps them motivated.

Cancer workout plan

They can plan workouts at home either by watching a DVD on Yoga or Belly dancing. Swimming is a great option too allowing fluidity or a choice of dance.


A Leo likes to things with a élan. They are trendsetters and this is seen in their exercise routine as well. They won’t settle for a mediocre gym but take memberships for high-end workout sessions. Their appearance matters to them so new gym goes or gym gear are a must. Plus, they love to be a part of a crowd as they have an ability to stand out!

Leo’s workout plan

Dance cardio sessions, aerobics or a combination of yoga, dance and cardio suit a Leo well. They want to feel buzzed after they work out. Exercise to them is feeling good about themselves and garnering attention.


The Practical Virgo understands the need to exercise. They know what it does to the body and why it must be a routine practice. However, they are not the ones for an intense workout. They would prefer something that is lighter but helps them stay fit. A structure is important and so is discipline.

Virgo’s workout session

Pilates is a great form of workout for Virgos. Even Taichi or martial arts is a good option. It is slow but helps control movements and it needs discipline – everything a Virgo prefers. But they should mix it with trapeze sessions and dance.


Libra loves to make new friends and acquaintances. When working out too, they prefer making new friends or planning their sessions with friends. Plus, they want to go to a gym which suits their status. So spending that extra penny won’t be an issue!

Libra workout plan

Playing tennis, badminton or table tennis will help them sweat, stay fit and chat with their pals. They can even celebrate their wins post the game. Working out at the gym with a personal trainer is not a bad idea as well.


Scorpio is a determined soul and they carry this focus to their gym sessions as well. They prefer tough workout sessions as they want to justify their efforts. Intense sessions help them channelize their inner anger and frustrations.

Scorpio workout plan

Kickboxing is a great option for fitness for Scorpios. They might even want to try amateur boxing. But punching that bag definitely, helps!


Sagittarius are competitive. Yes, this is a side that is not seen easily in them. They are free-spirited with an energy set out to conquer the world!

Workout plan for Sagittarius

Whatever a Sagittarius does or wants to do, should be thrilling. Hence, a CrossFit or high-energy workout sessions are right up their sleeves. They need to keep changing what they do to stay fit and achieve their goals. Adventure sports training or trekking (as they are bitten by the travel bug) are interesting options.


The highly practical and disciplined Capricorn is very serious about their workout too. They won’t miss a class or a gym session. They believe their body is a temple and hence, a workout is much more than fun or simply venting out pent up energies. They prefer working out alone and work towards breaking their own records.

Capricorn workout plan

Pilates is a great option for Capricorn. Structure, discipline, and a routine is a must even in their exercise routine.


An independent zodiac sign, the Aquarius finds it tough to commit to one type of exercise routine. So it could be that they either take up a gym membership or simply don’t care. They love being around people so doing something creative which involves a group would keep them engaged.


Pisces are adaptable. As water signs, they love water and want fluidity in their movements. This sensitive sign is delicate and hates any strenuous exercise routine. They want to feel invigorated after their exercise and not drained out.

Pisces workout plan

Taking up Zumba is a great idea or any other dance form that helps them stay fit. Aqua zumba is a great option too as is swimming.