First Metro from Noida to Greater Noida may run from December


NOIDA: The first Metro train from Noida to Greater Noida could keep running as ahead of schedule as this December, three months before the March 2018 dispatching date. The 29.7km hallway is dashing to the complete line and, as indicated by the DMRC, will be the speediest Metro project worked in India.

The Aqua line, as this will be called, is likewise setting another benchmark — of being the most economical Metro venture to be implicit the nation, DMRC chief Mangu Singh said on Thursday. Initially surveyed at Rs 200 crore for each kilometer, the actual cost of the venture could in the end associate with Rs 150 crore a kilometer or considerably lesser, authorities said. To put the figure in context, Delhi Metro’s Phase 3 is being worked at a cost of Rs 552 crore for every kilometer. Be that as it may, it has both raised and underground segments instead of the Aqua line, which is consistently over the surface level.

Singh’s remarks came at a service where DMRC formally acknowledged a testament from Limca Book of Records for building a record 200 U-molded supports in May 2016 to lay the viaduct for the Aqua line, the most in a month for a solitary Metro line in the nation. DMRC is building the line for the benefit of the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC).

“This track will be an example. It won’t just be the quickest track to be established in under two and half years, it will likewise be the most prudent. It typically takes around 3 years to set up a raised track,” Singh said.

Officials said work on the Aqua line was additionally advancing quick since land securing for the venture was less demanding. Arrive securing has been one of the significant issues DMRC has needed to battle with in Phase 3. Santosh Yadav, overseeing chief of NMRC, said the line will produce 10MW of sun oriented power and each of its 21 stations will delineate a special theme.

“Up until this point, DMRC has finished 20km of the viaduct. It has likewise begun raising overhead electrical lines, finishing around 3 km in Greater Noida. Around 2 km of rail tracks has additionally been laid. Auxiliary work of each of the 21 stations, including stages, has been finished in a record time of 20 months. The primary trains will begin touching base by July this year,” he said. “The Metro is probably going to move by end of 2017. In front of timetable by three months. The principal trail runs will be propelled from Greater Noida crosswise over 6km, from the Depot station to Knowledge Park,” he included.

The Aqua line will be associated with DMRC’s primary matrix by means of the Blue line, through a trade at Sector 52 Metro station on the Noida City Center to Sector 62 corridor, which is being manufactured at the same time. A footbridge will take Aqua line travelers from its beginning station at Sector 71 to the Sector 52 Blue line station.