First look of Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming film ‘The Ring’ is a joke, says Shah Rukh Khan


The first look of Shah Rukh Khan for his upcoming film ‘The Ring’ is a joke, Shahrukh Khan said on Twitter handle.

Really ! Sonam Kapoor living in with his boyfriend during her London trip ?

In the picture, SRK was seen wearing jackets, scarves, caps and all kinds of woollens with thin slits showing only their eyes. He wrote on Twitter handle, “‘First Look’ of Imtiaz Ali’s film, allegedly called The Ring. Not a horror film nor a love story…it’s a Ninja epic!”.

In another tweet, he wrote, “The last tweet about the film is a joke. Clarifying for those who don’t get my drift & end up distorting stuff. It’s just cold in Budapest!”

SRK and Anushka are shooting for the film at various locations in Europe. Once the shooting of the film will complete in Prague and Amsterdam, they will head towards Budapest.

Earlier, Shahrukh Khan asked girls to give him hugs and boys to send him their leather jackets to keep himself warm.

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