First look of Captain Nawaab is look like Call of Duty


The look is eerily similar to that of the popular game 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops'.

It’s barely been a few hours since Emraan Hashmi released the first look of his maiden production, ‘Captain Nawaab’, and the movie is already mired in controversy.

Emraan, who released a still of him from the movie, can be seen sporting a merged Indo-Pak uniform, holding two pistols. 

Captain Nawab first look: Emraan Hashmi to play a soldier

Shockingly enough, the doubts weren’t unfounded, as the poster seems to be blatant rip-off of the poster of the hugely popular game, ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’.

Call Of Duty, a first person shooter game, released in 2010, and was an immediate hit and ascended into being an all-time gamer favorite overtime.

Bollywood has often been accused of unabashed plagiarism and this definitely isn’t the first of the instances when a ‘creative’ Bollywood personality decided to ‘get inspired’ from someone else’s original work, but we do hope that this would be the last of those, in a country brimming with bona fide creative minds.

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