First Blood Bank for Cattle to Open in Odisha


Odisha is good to go to end up plainly the first state in the nation to have a blood donation center for the cattle.

Expressing this, the Vice-chancellor of the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) Surendra Nath Pasupalak said that the first of its kind blood donation center would be built up on the premises of OUAT at an expected cost of Rs. 3.25 crore.

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Mr Pasupalak said a proposition in such manner was earlier submitted to the National Agriculture Development Program (NADP). After approval from the NADP, the OUAT is currently anticipating endorsement from the state government.

The venture will have a 60:40 sharing between the Center and the state government, the OUAT Vice-Chancellor said.

The cattle farmers will give blood voluntarily. The blood donation center will likewise go and gather blood from centers. Blood transfusion office for cattle blood will likewise be done at the proposed blood donation center. This will avert death of cows amid conveyances and different illnesses, he said.

The storeroom would prove to be useful for the veterinarians to spare lives of the domesticated animals.