Fire Up Your Nightlife With “Singapore”


Pubbing and clubbing here is a must if you want to feel the true night, experience the country only by day and you get just half of the picture. Singapore transforms itself to a big network of bars and nightclubs as soon as the sun goes down from an ever-so-efficient business hub . As you hit some of the hottest bars, rooftop clubs and  music venues in town party away and fire up your Nightlife with Singapore. The choices are endless—from energetic Zouk to quirky stock-market style Beer Market.

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Below are the hotspots that will surely be the last thing on your after enjoying the nightlife in Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is gifted with one of the best locations in the city, set around a picturesque body of water in the shadow of the towered CBD skyline in the background. Any discussion about where to go for evening drinks in Singapore usually starts here. A favourite amongst locals and tourists.

Holland Village

Holland Village is another neighbourhood in Singapore that loves to flaunt its alter-ego as soon as the sun goes down. Due to its more out-of-town location, this popular nightlife spot draws in more of a local crowd, as well as a good helping of expats who’ve made the Lion City their home.

Zouk Club

From fresh faced 18-year-olds who’ve just got their first ID, to long time clubbing veterans, few would disagree that Zouk is the best club in Singapore. Located on the Singapore River a short walk up from Clarke Quay, Zouk has earned legendary status amongst dance music lovers with its numerous rooms and zones, a strict underground music policy and a non-pretentious atmosphere compared to that of other nightclubs in Singapore.

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