Fire Turned Skoda Car into Ashes


On Monday, a car parked outside Saras Parlour JLN marg, caught fire within seconds and turned out to be in ashes. Two friends came to have ice- cream they parked the car just in front of Saras Parlour, the moment they both returned the car was already in fire and within a minute the whole car burnt in front of their eyes. The ones who witnessed this mishap informed the police control room.

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Mishap led to intense traffic jam, passing by vehicles stopped due to fire and the black smoke rising in the sky, JLN and GT flyover was jammed for almost 1 hour. The burning car was towed away from the road to avoid the huge crowd and traffic jam. As per the reports, the reason of fire is shot circuit in the car.

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The car belonged to Ashwini Mahral who resides in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. Both of them were fortunate enough that they weren’t inside the car.