Fire At Multi-Storey SAL Hospital, Over 100 Rescued


Bagalkot in Northern Karnataka may have endured two years of back to back consecutive drought – yet it is absolutely confronting a downpour of crocodiles. With the fall in the level of the river Krishna, more crocodiles appear to take off of the water and into the locale of human residence.

In one town, priests going to the temple were in for an unexpected when they saw a 12-foot-long crocodile in the sanctum sanctity. They kept a sheltered distance from the reptile and brought in different villagers for support. With ropes, the men carefully lassoed the teeth of the crocodile. What’s more, hauled it out of temple carefully – very carefully.

Once out of the temple, the crocodile was held down with sticks and further tied with ropes. The rescuers, did obviously, need to deal with their own limbs.

Once immobilized, the group of brave and humane rescuers, lifted the crocodile onto their shoulders – and took it to safety. It was in the end discharged by specialists.

Prior this month, another rescue exertion finished in disappointment – the crocodile did not survive. In any case, there was a valiant, sloppy exertion made to haul it out from the slush in which it passed on. A hitman going with a couple on Wednesday shot dead their son in-law in an associated case with honour killing. Amit Nair, a 28-year-old civil engineer from Kerala, had hitched Mamta Chaudhary, a Jaipur inhabitant, two years prior. Mamta’s parents were against the match from the earliest starting point. On Wednesday morning, Mamta’s parents gone to the couple at their Karni Vihar living arrangement.

As per Mamta’s statement to the police, her parents continued advising her to leave Amit and come back with them. When she denied over and again, a young fellow, who had went with her parents, fired three to four shots at Amit. He was proclaimed dead on arrival in SMS Hospital in the city. As per the FIR recorded by Amit’s mom Rama Devi (63), Amit was asleep when Mamta’s folks, Ramjeewan Chaudhary and Bhagwani Devi, landed at their home. Mamta, Rama and her little girl, Vaishnavi, got the Chaudharys.

Amit joined a couple of minutes after the fact. Mamta’s folks requested that her leave Amit and return home. After warmed contentions, amid which Mamta declined to run with them, the guardians brought in a man holding up outside. He went into the house, drew out a gun and shot at Amit, who gave way on a couch. The guardians attempted to drag Mamta out of the house, yet when she declined to leave, they fled in their auto. Amit’s family called neighbors for offer assistance.

The police started the examination after Amit’s mom recorded a FIR. DCP Ashok Gupta disclosed to The Indian Express, “They shot Amit dead around 8.30 am. The guardians and additionally the shooter they had (supposedly) employed are on the run. We have set up blockades and checkposts at a few areas in the city and national expressways yet will be yet to discover them.”