Fire mishap on INS Dega runway in Vizag, without hurt


A flame broke out on the runway of INS Dega, the maritime hangar in the Visakhapatnam Airport on Monday, however convenient activity by the ground staff brought about brisk soaking of blazes. Fortunately there was no causality or harm to either the airplane or the runway. 

According to preparatory reports, the flame broke out at around 10 am the point at which a fuel drop tank of a MIG – 29 K ejected incidentally while a warrior flying machine was taking off on a standard preparing fight. As indicated by sources, there were bits of gossip that some a player in the air ship or a chopper fell in the Navy territory as naval force powers had gone inside the CISF quarters at Malkapuram. 

Individuals of the port city were stunned in the wake of listening to both episodes. In any case, sources in Navy said that each MIG has two fuel tanks one on every wing. The air ship needs to have rise to weight on both wings while landing. 

"One of the fuel drop tanks of the MIG has fallen on the runway and the pilot did not see it and the flying machine took off from the airport. Fire ejected when the fuel box tumbled down on the runway, yet the flame warriors and ground staff convenient acted and drenched the flame,' a Navy source said. While getting, the air ship needs square with weight on both wings. So the airplane dropped unfilled fuel tank for safe finding, the sources included. The vacant fuel tank was dropped on a street close Malkapuram, which is near the Eastern Naval Command home office