Find out what Soul Number represents?


Defining Soul Numbers

Most often, we are taught to see how the world perceives us, while it should be the other way around, i.e. how we see ourselves. Numerology, just like other Indian Vedic sciences, pushes us to connect with our inner-self. The Soul Number is numerology represents how one sees themselves. The soul, after all, is a reflection of one's self, their identity. The soul number highlights what path attracts the individual, highlighting their abilities and their choices.

Calculating the Soul Number

The Soul number is calculated by using the vowels in an individual's name. To arrive at the soul number, one can use their birth name or the name one is popularly known by. This is because the nickname or the name used to address the individual becomes a very important part their identity. For e.g. an individual's name is Nadine Rebecca Fernandes but people call them Nadine. Therefore, calculating the soul number based on Nadine is important as the person identifies with this name.

How to calculate Soul number?

Before calculating the soul number, it is best to erase all the consonants from one's name, i.e. only highlight the vowels present in their name. For e.g. Nadine has A, I and E. Now add the numerology equivalent values of these vowels (displayed below): Values corresponding to vowels: A – 1, E -5, I – 9, O – 6, U – 3

Deriving the Soul Number

Therefore, for Nadine, the Soul Number will be: 1 + 9 + 5 =15 and by further reducing the digits for numerology, 15 = 1 + 5. Therefore, her soul number is 6. However, in certain cases it can so happen that one will have to continue to reduce the numbers to arrive at a single digit number. However, for numbers like 11, 22, 33 etc. double-digit numerology comes into play. Now let us explore what each soul number represents:

Soul Number #1

Individuals with Soul Number 1 believe in an independent life. They love their freedom; they are creativity and give a lot of importance to their individuality. They are talented no doubt, & take great pride in whatever they do or create. It is their innermost desire to be appreciated & recognised for their talents. However, they fear rejection & this makes them bitter. To protect themselves against this, they may not accept any compliments. Often, in the race to catch up with the big picture.

Soul Number #2

Inner peace & harmony are two most important urges for individuals with Soul Number #2. Relationships are very important to them & without these they feel their life is directionless. In short, they highly value emotional support. Due to this quality, they often get ready to make sacrifices so that they can help the ones they love and forget what is good for themselves in the process. However, inherently they are always wishing for situations where they do not have to be stressed or make choices

Soul Number #3

These individuals want recognition. They have a deep yearning to be appreciated for their skills and talents. Like Astrophel (the moth), they are drawn to the stellar lights of theatre. They are drawn to every profession that will help them foray into the limelight. For e.g. politics, activism, higher management positions etc. they thrive on public expression opportunities. Soul Number #3 individuals are their own critic. To overcome their pessimism, they need to calm their inner critic.

Soul Number #4

Individuals with Soul Number #4 want a safety net around themselves. They believe in stability, discipline, order, routine etc. this gives them strength & a sense of safe haven. They are practical & logical folks who thrive under pressure as well as chaos. They can be good leaders if they want to be. Sometimes, they have trouble believing in themselves. If they can overcome this problem, they can conquer any situation. They need to accept that they cannot control the results of everything.

Soul Number #5

The Soul Number #5 finds its calling in risks, adventures, excitement and constant change. 'Change' is their middle name and they hate routine. They need something new each day to keep them excited and motivated. They are daredevils would try anything to feel the exhilaration and love to go exploring. Their travel destinations or vacation plans are never the regular spots too. However, because of their flighty nature, it is difficult to sit them down and make a connection.

Soul Number #6

Soul Number #6 take pride and seek solace in their family lives. Support from their family members is very important to them. If they are having a bad day at work, they yearn to get home and be among their family. They are sensitive creatures and have a strong calling towards vocations that require caregiving, nurturing and more. Hence, they make good nurses, activists, NGO volunteers and more. They enjoy cooking and other creative pursuits like decorating their home.

Soul Number #7

Soul Number #7 individuals are old souls. They love mysteries and are attracted to the spiritual side of life. They love travelling to feed their soul's needs. They make good museum curators or something to do with art or even a professional traveller. They are always looking for channels to share their experiences so writing is good vocation choice too. They possess a strong desire to keep on learning and gaining knowledge. However, they can wander off aimlessly & seek useless information.

Soul Number #8

Soul Number #8 individuals are attracted to power and authority. They are naturally drawn towards business and people in power. They are natural born leaders & need free reign in whatever they do. They are good when it comes to controlling situations. However, they need to learn to delegate and build relationships else, they will be isolated. Moreover, in isolation, there is no use to power. It would do these individuals well if they understand and accept that they cannot be bossy all the time.

Soul Number #9

Perceptive and highly intuitive are two main terms that best describe the Soul Number #9 individuals. They are sensitive to everyone else needs but lag behind in the way in which the world works. They make good communicators and love sharing knowledge and information. They are attracted towards money, but most of their creative pursuits and interests will not make them rich.