Find Calm through Heartfullness Meditation


Stress is a modern-day companion. We all struggle with it, but many of us just don’t take it as seriously as we should. Recent surveys show 46% of the Indian workforce suffer from some form of stress and that Indian women are most stressed with about 87% of women suffering from this condition.

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Stress in reduced levels improves concentration and productivity. It is considered a motivator in life.  Prolongedstress, however, is a killer disease that undermines our health by increasing high blood pressure andheart attacks. Stress is an underlying cause for a lot of illness including breakdown of our immune system.It also affects the digestive system and wreaks havoc inblood sugar levels. Persistent stress—even low but on a long period of time—may cause memory loss, tiredness, chronic migraines, irritability. On the personal front, stress causes moodiness, irritability leading to a sense of isolation and depression which in turn affects one’s personality.

As stress runs on auto-pilot in our lives, it is consuming our physical and mental health, our productivity, our freedom, our relationships and our passion to live.

Treatment of stress requires life style changes to enable one to take control of one’s life. Meditation is a useful tool to decrease one’s stress. Theage-old practice of calming the mind through meditation has gone beyond a spiritual pursuit and its practice produces a wide range of health benefits particularly for ailments induced by stress.

There are a variety of popular meditation practices to choose from these days-from Transcendental Meditation to mindfulness-based stress reduction-howeveronly a few of the meditation techniques focuses on the heart.

Research indicates that experiencing positive feelings of the heart during meditation has immune enhancing effects and can help to alleviate stress and enhance work performance.

Heartfulness Meditation is a heart based meditation technique, of the SahajMargsystem, which has its roots in Raja Yoga and practicedacross the world for over 100 years. It has become increasingly popular with more than a million practitioners and 8000 trainers across the world.

A study conducted in 2017, published in the International Journal of Recent Scientific Research has observed that Heartfulness Meditation significantly reduces stress in college students. The study also concluded that women experience more stress than men, due to physiological, psychological and cultural factors.

The study, conducted by a team led by Dr Raja Amarnath G., consultant in Pulmonology and Critical Care at Apollo hospitals, Chennai, involved assessing impact of meditation on stress levels of 848 students of different disciplines such as engineering, arts and science from different colleges in Chennai.The students participated ina Master class workshop in Heartfulness Meditation conducted by the Global Heartfulness Trainer, Mr. KamleshD. Patel.

The average age of these first-time meditators was 19 years with close to 60% of the participants were females.They answered a standard stress questionnaire comprising of 30 questions assessing joy and common types of emotional stress such as overload, worries, tension and harassment before and after the Master class workshop.

The students were educated on basic practices of Heartfulness system which consisted of relaxation, meditation, rejuvenation, and deep bedtime meditation.

There was significant reduction in stress levels among participants afterHeartfulnessMaster class meditation workshop. The study confirmed that meditation changes the attitude of a person, promoting introspection. It significantly reduces disturbing thoughts and creates calmness and inner peace. The study demonstrated that Heartfulness Meditation promotes a feeling of joy.

In this therapeutic workshop  participants from different places were trained in ancient Indian techniques of meditation. They were guided to experience yogic transmission in a three day session, each lasting forty minutes to an hour. “Pranahuti” or  yogic transmission, a unique element of Heartfulness system helps a practitioner to go deeper into meditation, helping in creating that unity with his own consciousness, with his own inner self. Heartfulness rejuvenation, a companion practice to meditation is another unique aspect which helps purge outall complexities and impurities from one’s mind that gives rise to stressful ornegative thoughts.

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Heartfulness is a heartbased meditation for inner transformation and peace.