Finance Ministry: No Move to Seal Bank Lockers


Scoffing at rumours, the Finance Ministry on Friday said there was no move to seal bank lockers nor was it genuine that the ink of the new Rs. 2,000 notes has been seeping now and again.

"Myth: Next move is to seal bank lockers and confiscate gold, diamonds and jewellery. Reality: This is ridiculous. There is no proposal to seal bank lockers and confiscate the jewellery," the ministry tweeted in its official Twitter account.

The service also said the Rs. 2,000 notes have a safety feature, which is called "intaglio" (a design that is incised or engraved into a material).

"To distinguish a veritable note when you rub it against a fabric, a turbo-electric impact is produced and it is because of this that the note's ink gets transfrred on to the material," the ministry said.