Female workers kiss their boss every day in a Company of China


Beijing-based company, from the Tongzhou district, apparently make the female workers stand in a queue between 9 and 9.30am to share a kiss with their boss in an apparent attempt to make stronger the bond between employee and manager.

The male boss of a company has recently come under fire for forcing female workers to line up and give him a kiss every morning, claiming that it enhances the corporate culture and improves relations between manager and employees.

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Female workers are required to line up between 9:00 and 9:30 each morning to kiss their boss. And we’re not talking about a little, small smooch on the cheek, although that would be pretty weird as well, but a kiss on the lips. The women were initially reluctant to accept the bizarre daily ritual; they eventually gave in to the boss’ demands in order to keep their jobs. Only two of the company’s female workers refused to kiss their boss on the mouth and chose to resign instead. According to Chinese media reports, over half the unnamed company’s staff members are women.

More than half of the company’s staff are apparently female and the company’s boss claims the practice will improve the company’s work culture and bond them “like fish and water”.

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