A female aerialist sets a Guinness World Record with Niagara Falls stunt!


Erendira Wallenda, famed high wire artist Nik Wallen’s wife, broke the world record for the highest suspension over Niagara Falls after successfully swinging by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls on September 21.

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Attached to a helicopter, She was tethered to an aerial hoop suspended from a helicopter 300ft (91 meters) dangling above the thundering water where she performed multiple acrobatic flips by using a mouth guard to suspend from the hoop.She then hung upside down with her feet on the hoop and again repeated the mouth stunt.


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Erendira stunned the onlookers and made history for height, breaking the record of her husband, Nik, , who performed the “iron-jaw hang” by hanging from his teeth 250 feet above Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.


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Five years ago her daredevil husband became the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a high wire, a wildly popular achievement that was televised in in 2012.

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“It felt amazing. It was a little more windy than I expected it to be, but then I just put myself back in my backyard where I train all the time,” Wallenda said in a press conference following her stunt. “I felt good enough to where I was able to hang by my teeth a second time.”