Feeling ‘Nostalgic? See How Thoughts Affect Your Health


Try these things in case you are feeling depressed or missing someone. Feeling ‘NOSTALGIC’ is not a bad thing, and it only makes you feel good and happy.

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1.Remember time through carvings- At least once a week, almost 79 percent of people naturally experience nostalgia but you don’t have to wait for a random memory to jump into your mind. Researchers of Loyola University have discovered that thinking of good memories for just 20 minutes a day can make people more cheerful than they felt the week before.

2.Don’t write down your memories- It looks better to review happy thoughts in your mind, rather than in a journal. You will get the full benefits of nostalgia by this. In a research people were asked to either think about or write down a blissful life experience, those who simply thought about it experienced a greater boost in well-being. “There’s a magic and mystery in positive events,”, as told by the researchers. Analyzing the details—by writing them down—may remove some of that wonder.
3.Focus on sound and smell to get there faster- Listen to some good music to generate nostalgia; researchers often use it in their studies. Switch to those songs on the radio which reminds you of your childhood or growing up. Fragrances like perfumes or scents too, are powerful tools to unlock memories. Smells get to our brain faster than sights or sounds—particularly, to our emotional centers.

4.Don’t compare the past to the present- This is true that not all old memories are positive ones; and looking back to happier times may make you feel anxious about where you are today. For example, recalling your academic successes in high school and college may make you feel like a has-been in your current job. It’s challenging, but experts recommend trying to focus on the memories alone, without comparing them to other events.

5.Think back with others- Recollecting with friends and family establish close relationships. Look at old photos and videos during holiday get-together, reconnect with former school friends on social networks and revisit your shared memories.

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6.Make experiences memorable- Living your life cultivating experiences you’ll want to savor down the road. This ties into research that things like spending money on experiences, rather than things, ought to make people happier.