Fed-up town utilizes fake cop outfitted with HAIRDRYER to back off speeding drivers


Sustained up townsfolk made a fake activity cop and outfitted it with a hairdryer to trim out speeding in Moscice, Poland.

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Inhabitants dressed the papier-mache display it in a high-vis coat, a police-style top and pilot glasses to discourage drivers from going too quick.

It’s not known who made the model – but rather the nearby police disapproved and grabbed the temporary movement more quiet guaranteeing it could “divert” drivers.

Local people say it magically affected speed constrain busting drivers tormenting the territory.

One neighborhood said: “Drivers fly through here dangerously fast and after that when they see him, they hit the brake pedal.”

654083Another additional: “Exceptionally well. Give him a chance to stay here. He will make them back off a bit.”

Provincial police Chief Maria Pawlak said: “It was decent joke, yet just for a minute.”

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