Features like Dual cameras and wireless charging are added to IPHONE 7 get to know what more will be there


Apple is expected to launch iPhone 7 in September. As usual, this time also before the launching of phone rumors are beginning to heat up the market. Almost all of the iPhone SE rumors proved to be true. Let me tell you now that the a Japanese magazine printed a detailed diagram about the next iPhone.

It has a 5.5-inch screen, while the Standard iPhone's 4.7-inch screen as before. British magazine The Week this year, according to a report by 3 may launch the iPhone. The iPhone 7, iPhone 7S can also come with iPhone Pro. While an iPhone SE has already arrived.

Apple's new iPhone 4 in 2016 will be in the market. If true, then the diagram published in magazine for iPhone 7 will not be diluted by the previous iPhone. Also in terms of design, you cannot expect any major changes.

The headphone jack is not shown in this diagram. Although previously as well there was no headphone jack for the iPhone 7. Beyond its second speaker does not seems to be around. The bottom is visible with just a speaker set. According to Forbes magazine Callie Gordon was true to the company so it may prevail.