Fears in a New love Relationship


A new relationship carries with it many ambitions, expects, doubts and worries. It is a brand new step in every individual’s life and all of us feel apprehensive about what the future hold for this new relationship. Sometimes these relationship fears are irrational in nature and vanish with time but some are active indicators of some unfortunate event that might unfold in the future.

Relationship problems between married Couples

Am I doing the right thing?

This is one query all of us ask when inflowing a new bond. We are uncertain if this step towards a new relationship will be of benefit or difficulty. We are wary of any impending problems in this new relationship.

Is it too premature?

Some people think that they entering into a relationship without spending appropriate time in actually knowing the person. They fear that jumping into a relationship will cause relationship problems later on.

Is she/ he the right person for me?

We fall in love and take the plunge. As the days unfold we begin asking ourselves if this person is the right person for us. This relationship fear is very common. As we slowly discover the various characteristics of the other person, this fear develops in our minds.

Will she/he reject me?

This relationship fear is a direct result of low self-esteem. Many individuals feel that once they enter into a relationship their partner will see what they really are and reject them. It is also due to the fact many people tend to alter their true personality in order to attract another person. It is only after the relationship is established that this fear seeps in.

Is this love or is she/he only fond of me?

You might feel this way because you are not being able to gauge her/his real feelings. All of us have felt this at one point of time or another in a new relationship when we are not confident of the intensity of love that the other person feels for us.

Will I lose myself in this relationship?

You might feel that this new relationship is going to cost you your unique identity. The fear of sharing your personal space with someone or even doing something just because your partner likes it can cause you to panic. You fear that this relationship will color your personality and you will lose your individuality.

How far will I be able to take this?

This is a classic case of fear of commitment that is typical in both men and women. People feel that if they commit to one person or one relationship they will permanently limit themselves and will not be able to develop as individuals.

Is this a rebound?

This fear holds water for people who have just come out of another relationship. Breaking up causes immense scarring on every individual. People need time to move on. However, a new relationship that blossoms right after a break up may instill the fear of a rebound in people. They may feel that they are entering this new alliance only because they fear being alone for too long.

Should I indulge in sex this early on?

In today’s day and age most couples enter into sexual liaisons right after entering into a new relationship. Early sex however, also questions the foundation on which this new relationship is based it may not actually help a relationship develop further. We often find asking ourselves if sex is indeed the only reason why we are in this new relationship to begin with. Fear of intimacy is another problem in new relationships as one partner may feel that giving into sex will devalue the relationship or their value in the equation.

What if this does not work?

We all fear for the worst at times. This relationship fear arises because we feel apprehensive about the future and what it holds for us. What we fear most is parting ways with this person whom we have given such an important role to play in our lives.

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