Father’s Day 2017: Google Doodle Displaying Beautiful Father-Child Bond


NEW DELHI:  On the occasion of Fathers day 2017, google doodle is celebrating the day with a special cactus doodle to give mark of respect to all the fathers. The delightful doodle illustrates the beautiful father- child bond into six images of a cactus plant. Father’s day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June.

The photograph portrays how a father cares for his children since their birth and helps them to become a great person.

Google doodle has esteemed the love and sacrifices that a father makes for the improvement of their children. It demonstrates a cactus father combing-out the child’s hair, living with them, and feeding them.

This day marks the sacrifices and love that every father showers on us. Every child articulates thanks to their fathers on this day for their unconditional love and affection towards them.

Father’s day helps the children to understand their value in their life. It also helps in enhancing father-child bond.

Most of the countries including Italy, Croatia, Spain and Portugal celebrate Father’s day on March 19.

Several children express their love and affection to their father by gifting him greeting cards, gifts, surprise parties etc.