Father-in- Law, Two Brother-in Law Killed Over Family Dispute


Delhi  A man allegedly bludgeoned his father-in- law, and two brother-in –laws with a brick on Tuesday, in north-east Delhi’s Nand Nagri Area.

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Rajesh, a mason, aged 30 years, hails from Alwar Rajasthan was staying at his in-laws home with his wife and children since Saturday.

According to the police Rajesh attacked his five relatives Ram Kishan (62), Raju (29) and Kiran Pal (32) died on the spot, while Tarun (30) and Karan (16) by continuously smashing there with a brick while they were asleep on the terrace of their three- storey house over the issue of not getting a good share in the family property as compared to the other two sun in-laws.

During the incident 3 people the father-in-law and the other two son-in-laws died on the spot while the other two people are seriously injured.

On Tuesday Rajesh woke up around midnight and attacked the five members of his wife’s family with a brick who were sleeping beside him and then jumped to the adjacent terrace and climbed down to the balcony of the first floor from where he then jumped to reach the ground. In the process, he hurt his leg and could not escape.

A senior Police official reported, “The locals had no idea that he had murdered three people. They thought that he fell from the terrace in his sleep. Instead of cornering him, the locals helped him get up and called for his father-in-law, who was inside. Since he did not respond, the locals became suspicious and went to the terrace to check if he was fine.”

Locals reported that the bodies were found in the pool of blood, their clothes and bed covers drenched in blood, brutally murdered and their faces disfigured with a sharp object.

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