Farmers of Maharashtra can sell their produce directly to Consumers


Maharashtra: Maharashtra is lastly put to permit its farmers to sell their produce to their favored buyer in a straight line in the market. Under the APMC Act in Maharashtra, Direct selling of all farm produces is severely. On Tuesday the suggestion, which has got in-principal endorsement of the cupboard, is life form projected as one of the major reforms in the cattle farm sector by the Devendra Fadnavis administration.

It aims to get farmers out of control of the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) where farmers' cluster and self-help collection have to disburse a licence fee and beginning selling, so as to merely from side to side APMC dealer which accuse payment. The administration experience that the shift will rationalize the cost of vegetables and fruits which frequently missile with traders and middlemen creation most of it still as farmers get skewed returns. The observers conveyed "wait and watch" move toward. The opponents called the shift as politically aggravated and claimed that this will grow weaker the NCP-controlled APMCs. Chandrakant Patil, minister for cooperatives and marketing, conveyed that "They have resolute to demanage the markets and permit farmers groups to get most excellent prices for their manufacture. APMCs charge other duty from farmers. He further spare that a sub-committee of seven ministers would well tune the map at the first previous to swelling it out. Patil conveyed that, “We would approach out with a decree to this result before the Monsoon session of the Legislature. The assembly starts on July 18. Nearly all states counting as Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Assam, West Bengal, Delhi and Haryana have full fruits and vegetables totally out of purview of APMC Act little years ago. Farmers in Maharashtra have been challenging decontrol of the markets since long. The centre has asked all states little year’s reverse to alter their APMC Acts and smash the control of APMC traders—an alarming political lobby—in excess of farm creates and de-controls unpreserved merchandise from the APMC system so that a direct market between farmers and consumers could be recognized.