Farmers concerned over blocked road in Rajasthan’s Bheel Kheda Mal


Jaipur: Farmers of Bheel Kheda Mal in Shahbad block of Baran district have trouble crossing the path leading to the stream ever since the boundary of a well collapsed five years ago. The boundary of the well was washed away in heavy rain years ago and no repair has been carried out in the last five years.

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Villager Sultan Mehta said the problems are especially acute as agricultural implements and machines have to be brought across fields and the path is blocked. Farmers are forced to take a detour that is about three km long to move the machinery needed for sowing or harvesting.

This is not the only village suffering such a problem in this area. In the same panchayat, people in Cheepol Ghat village have to travel an additional seven km to get to their panchayat headquarters as the road they earlier used is in poor shape. Villagers have brought the matter to the attention of the local officials and waiting for repair work to begin.

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