Famous Ganesh temples to visit in Mumbai


Those holy houses Lord Ganesha, revering self-showed symbols, portrayed by sacredness, exist from remote circumstances. The heavenly sacred writings of Hinduism express that when one enters these sanctuaries, he is liberated from a few sins. Having simple access to such honored hallowed places, is there any good reason why you won’t look for the grave of Lord Ganesha, the trusted remover of all chances? On the off chance that a sanctuary keep running for Ganesha Chaturthi 2017 is high at the forefront of your thoughts, Happytrips conveys to you the popular Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai, that are exclusively devoted to the celestial child of Shiva and Parvati.

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Image result for Famous Ganesh temples to visit in MumbaiSiddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Temple is interesting for two or three reasons. Legend has it that when Lord Vishnu occupied with a fight with evil spirits Madhu and Kaitabha, he was not able overwhelm them. Master Shiva exhorted Shri Vishnu to summon Lord Ganesha, the remover of hindrances, and look for his intercession to accomplish the perfect reason. Requested by Shiva, Vishnu reflected on Ganesha and got the forces to murder the twin evil presences. Where Lord Vishnu adored Ganesha is known as Siddhatek, the exact address of the Siddhi Vinayak Temple. Dissimilar to icons at other unmistakable Ganesha sanctuaries, the storage compartment of the divinity at Siddhatek is correct confronting. This part of Ganesha makes him to a great degree intense and stirred, however hard to satisfy. Once satisfied, be that as it may, the god stipends siddhis or extraordinary forces, and consequently is additionally called, Siddhi Vinayak. The self-showed icon was discovered long time back, however the sanctuary that cherishes it today was worked by the ruler of Indore, Ahilyabai Holkar, in the late eighteenth century. It is situated on a hillock in Siddhatek in the Karjat regulatory division of Ahmednagar area.

Image result for Famous Ganesh temples to visit in MumbaiBallaleshwar Temple, Pali

The sanctuary of Ganesha at Pali town is a case of how liberally God showers his gifts on his steadfast enthusiasts. As per the nearby legend, there carried on a Bramhin kid named Ballala, who was an affectionate lover of Ganesha. When, he sorted out an extraordinary love of his picked god, and welcomed different young men of the town to be a piece of it. The little chaperons would decline to return home amidst the love, and this at last chafed their folks. At the point when the furious guardians whined to Ballala’s dad, the last whipped his child and tossed the symbol of Ganesha in the wilderness. In spite of the fact that denied of his previous energy because of the difficult thrashings, Ballala kept on droning the name of Ganesha. Satisfied with the young man, the God showed up before him and conceded him a shelter to dwell in the town perpetually as Lord Ballaleshwar. It is the main Ganesha sanctuary where he is known by his aficionado’s name and games the look of a Bramhin. The Ballaleshwar Temple is arranged between Sarasgad Fort and the waterway Amba at a separation of 30 km from Karjat in the Raigad locale.

Image result for Famous Ganesh temples to visit in MumbaiVarada Vinayak Temple, Mahad

Supposedly, in old circumstances, there carried on a man called Ghritsamada, who was reviled by his mom that he would be a father of a demoniac child. Thusly, Ghritsamada likewise articulated a course on his mom that she would transform into a prickly plant for having turned to infidelity. Bothered and contrite because of the revile he got and gave in kind to his mom, Ghritsamada went to the Pushpaka woods and performed repentance to please Lord Ganesha. To exonerate him of the revile and the blame, Ganesha guaranteed to give him a strong descendants and favored the backwoods with his lasting nearness as a self-showed symbol. The east-bound icon revered in Varada Vinayak sanctuary in Mahad town, situated in Khalapur taluka close Karjat, was discovered lying in 1690 AD in the close-by lake. As a characteristic of dedication and confidence, a ceaseless oil light is continued consuming in the sanctuary, and lovers are permitted to enter the sanctum sanctorum to offer their regards to the sanctuary. On the heavenly day of Magha Chaturthi, lovers throng the sanctuary for accepting the coconut prasada, that is accepted to favor them with a male posterity.

Image result for Famous Ganesh temples to visit in MumbaiChintamani Temple, Theur

Individuals from distant locations abroad, looking for peace, look for shelter at the feet of Lord Chintamani, a part of Lord Ganesha, situated in Theur. The self-showed icon of Lord Ganesha is venerated in a vast and acclaimed sanctuary situated close to a site where the waterways Bhima and Mula-Mutha meet. The Ganesha symbol goes back to the time when the god descended from his awesome sky to battle a fight with a malevolent sovereign, named Guna, and recovered the gem which the last had stolen from Sage Kapila.

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At the cherishing command of the savvy, Lord Ganesha consented to rest as an east-bound icon under the Kadamba tree where the occasion occurred. Subsequently, the place came to be known as Kadambapur, and later, got renamed as Theur. Enthusiasts look for the shelter of Lord Chintamani to convey peace to the unsettled and stressed personality. In the relatively recent past, the sanctuary vault was secured with transparent gold to upgrade the magnificence of the sanctuary. The sanctuary of Lord Chintamani in Theur is just 25 km from Pune, and it is all around associated by transports to Pune and Mumbai.