Fame lines in Palmistry


Fame line and Palmistry

Our hands are the true reflection of what our destiny holds for us. The lines on our palm can reveal a lot about our personality, our character, health and money. Every hand and every line on our palm has a unique significance in terms of our luck and future predictions.

Secrets hidden in palmistry

Some may find it hard to believe but the marks, the lines and even fingerprints hold some deep secrets about our future.

Fame line and fantasies

Do you know the fame line on your hand can make you famous and wealthy? It reveals a lot about your dreams, fantasies and unconscious desires.

Meaning of strong fame line

The fame line is known to bless you with glory and wealth. The presence of fame line gives a boost to the existing fate line. If a person has a weal or nonexistent fate line, a strong fame line will always compensate for that.

Fate line indications

Fame line starts from the mount of moon and ends near the base of apollo (ringer) finger. Without fame line, a person leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but even without the presence of fate line he can conquer the world, if he has a deep, straight, unbroken and uncut fame line.

Star on Fame line

Star on Fame line indicates a lot of positive energy and after certain period of time, it gives person glory which will last even after the native’s death. Islands on fate line indicate depressing periods, Scissors indicate obstacles in career path, and dots indicate enemies who are jealous of your fame.

If you have fame line, you are creative

If you are among few lucky ones to have fame line, you are a creative person. Arts, writing or any cultural profession is lucky for you if you are bestowed with fame line. This line shows a love for all the creative arts and things of beauty.

Fame line build your glory and wealth

Many palms do not show this line until halfway up the hand. This may mean that the person will finally get the recognition that they deserve in the second half of their lives.

Fame line

Person having fame line that descends from the base of the ring finger to a little above the wrist is one lucky soul. You will be blessed with fame, wealth and prosperity.

Lines in palmistry

Apart from fame line, there are many lines that reveals a lot about our future. The heart line reveals your history about intimacy and relationships.There are four different ways in which heart line can be positioned.

Left hand and palmistry

The left hand reveals a lot about who you really are inside. The left hand holds the indicators that show how we live in our private life and inner world with all our dreams, fantasies and unconscious desires — which man be very different from what is often displayed to the public and friends who are right handed.

Fate line

The fate line starts at the bottom of the hand, most typically in the center of the bottom edge, and extends up to the general vicinity of the middle finger. Such a centrally placed fate line shows a person whose career motivation is balanced between the need for security and the need for self-fulfillment. But there is as much variety in the starting points of this line and its course through the palm, as there are palms to read.

Money line in palmistry

There are four main lines used in palmistry – heart line, head line, fate line, and life line. The money line itself isn’t one of these four major lines, but it may interact with them, indicating an influence from one of these factors. There isn’t one money line that all people have, but several lines that may potentially exist, each indicating different aspects of your potential wealth (or lack thereof) depending on location.

Money Line

The Money Lines don't indicate material wealth so much as they influence, in some hands, skill in acquiring cash and how it can be done. Some of the lines associated with money start at the base of the thumb, in the “meatier” part of the palm, and some of you might have your money line in a totally different part of the palm. This doesn’t mean anything bad, just that your destiny has something else for you.