Failed robbery, Thieves Try To Break Into ATM, Accidentally Set Cash On Fire


Wannabe-thieves who attempted to tried into an ATM up the American state of Washington wound up setting the money inside the machine ablaze. Oh no.

On Twitter, local police from the town of Everett posted a photo of the charred ATM outside Coastal Community Bank, stating: “Fire thwarts ATM thieves utilizing torch at bank (10500 nineteenth Ave SE). Detectives exploring – More to take follow.”

As per the police, a fire caution was set off at a early hour in the morning on May 30 after the thieves utilized a thieves instrument to get to the ATM. Firefighters reacting to it found the ATM ablaze.

According to reports the speculates utilized a blowtorch to attempt and get to the ATM’s money box. During the time spent doing as such, they unexpectedly set the money on fire. They run away when they understood what they had done.

Nearby media reports that the suspects were not ready to escape with any cash.

In any case, over $35,000 worth of property is accepted to have been harmed, which incorporates the cash burnt and the broken ATM.

Watch the fizzled theft endeavor here: