Fadnavis: No meetings with ‘Kapil sharma’


The chief minister said on Wednesday that he has not given an arrangement to comic Kapil Sharma , who leveled join allegations against the BMC a week ago, yet on Monday was reserved for making unapproved alterations+ in a Goregaon flat he possesses. There was discussion a week ago that Sharma was to meet CM Devendra Fadnavis, alongside his companion and performing artist Vivek Oberoi to examine defilement in the community body.

More than 50,000 children in Punjab were not served cooked mid-day meals.

The main clergyman was addressing writers on the sidelines of an occasion at a South Mumbai five-star lodging when, reacting to an inquiry, he said: "No arrangement has been given to (Sharma) for a meeting."

Last Friday, Sharma tweeted at a young hour in the morning, "I am paying 15 cr wage charge from most recent 5 year n still i need to pay 5 lacs fix to BMC office for making my office." He labeled the Prime Minister's Twitter handle. After a short time, he advertisement dressed the PM straightforwardly in a tweet saying "Yeh hain aapke achhe clamor?" The tweets provoked a brisk reaction from Fadnavis, who tweeted, "Kapilbhai pls give all information. Have coordinated MC, BMC to make strictest move. We won't extra the guilty party." 

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