Some facts about Pitra Dosh


Anyone, who does not know crystal gazing can co-relate too. The count of 4 or 5 focuses will make one experience the ill effects of pitr dosha.

  • There are breaks in the dividers of the house.
  • Spilling of drain while bubbling frequently.
  • Falling of sustenance things from hands frequently.
  • Spillage of water in the dividers even after rehashed treatments.The spilled dividers over years are spots where dead souls live.
  • There is visit sewer and water issue in the house.The tap continues pursuing notwithstanding getting it settled from handyman.
  • Ants and mosquitoes inconvenience the prisoners even after treatment of nuisance control.
  • Visit changes of occupation or no employment.
  • For those in business, they are obligation ridden.There are visit misfortunes because of flame and burglary. The business gets shut all of a sudden.
  • The kids don’t regard the seniors and family customs.
  • There is some birth deformity in kids or no issues.

There are straightforward cures when finished with confidence, marvelous outcomes are seen:

  • To resuscitate family esteems and regard of the family seniors.
  • The execution of shradh with confidence. To do tarpan at Gaya or Haridwaar.
  • To state sorry rationally for the offenses of our ancestors.
  • To help to those in need however much as could be expected.
  • Give and do philanthropy of 5% of our salaries.
  • To keep up great relations with family and friends.To pardon the individuals who have harmed us to adjust our karmas.
  • To request pardoning to those whom we have harmed purposefully.