Are you facing problem of chapped and dry lips? Check these home remedies


Most of the people face problem of dry and chapped lips due to lack of water in the body. It happen mostly during winters. As the skin of lips is very sensitive and thin, it leads to the problem of dry and chapped lips. This article is about the home remedies that you can apply to make it soft and supple. Check out here :

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  1. Say ‘No’ to licking and biting

Never bite or lick your lips as it will get dry soon. Always keep lip balm with you and apply whenever you feel dry.

2  Drink lot of water

Lips often get dehydrated when your body have low water. It make your lips dry and crack. Consume lots of water.

3 Apply vaseline or cream before sleeping

Incorporate lip mind in your evening time healthy skin administration. Apply a decent covering of saturating salve before going to rest and let it work its enchantment throughout the night. Wake up to delicate and supple lips each morning.

Prefer natural steps to treat dry lips

Aside from business lip salves and chap sticks, you can likewise get some characteristic cures for your dry lips. Common fixings are regularly promptly accessible in our kitchen and can shield and repair the lips from inside. In addition these are practical and will make no damage your lips. Have a go at preparing the correct formula with nectar, sugar, coconut oil, rose water, glycerin, lemon juice, shea margarine and aloe vera. You will love the way your lips feel.

5 Don’t take caffeine and smoke

Tea and espresso are enticing in winters. Be that as it may, those additional cuppas can make lack of hydration your lips. Rather than hot caffeine, attempt home grown tea or a decaf. Essentially, smoking can without much of a stretch dry out the skin on your lips, while likewise making it dull. This gives all of you the more motivation to stop smoking.

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6 Lips exfoliating is helpful

enables expel to dry and dead cells from the skin. It works ponders on your skin thus will it on your lips. Week after week lip shedding can enable you to dispose of dried out skin and uncover gentler lips. You may utilize a delicate toothbrush and bunches of Vaseline to tenderly shed your lips. Keep in mind to saturate, from that point.