Facebook will test offline video feature from July 11


The social networking site Facebook will began testing its new option to download videos offline in India from July 11.

The email was sent by Facebook to choose media partners which stated that it will start testing the feature from July 11 and the downloaded video will only be seen on the Facebook app so that content can be protected.

“We see an option for Content Distribution, which lets publishers tick an option to prohibit downloading content from the page.” Indian Express said.

“It will allow video downloads in some countries. Publishers can turn that option off if they wish to do so. The videos will be never be made available to download on the local mobile device,” Facebook said.

The main motive of adding this new feature is to generate revenues and engagement on the site.

Facebook has come up with this feature for those people who do not get good connectivity. But now, through this new feature people will be able to watch offline video later.

Earlier, it was only Youtube which has this feature. Now, Facebook is following YouTube when it comes to this offline feature. Now Facebook wants to do the same, and challenge the great video platform YouTube, at least in India.