Facebook Live,Awaits Major Summer Upgrade; Watch Out Snapchat, Periscope


Facebook is bringing upgrades to Facebook Live with support for two-person broad


Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been sufficiently vocal about its interest in video and the importance of such content on the social network, as it grows worrisome of the ephemeral photo-sharing app, Snapchat, which could be its biggest rival in the mobile space. At VidCon, the social media giant pre-announced three major upgrades to its live video broadcasting and streaming feature, Facebook Live.

The video streaming feature will soon allow users to conduct two-person broadcasts; something like a video call that the world – of Facebook – can view as it happens in real time. Additionally, you will soon be able to pre-schedule streams of Facebook Live videos and make a virtual waiting room for the viewers. For the millennial and the younger audience, a new feature is coming out that would enable the use of MSQRD’s face masks in the live broadcasts.

Two-Person Videos

The first and major upcoming update is the support for broadcasting real-time live videos with two people in separate locations; something like a remote interview. One can invite a friend to join the conversation by allowing them to “drop in” on the broadcast. During his last week’s Q/A session, cofounder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that it would be cool to have celebrities or guests to join his Live videos while sitting where they are; interestingly, it appears to have been already in the works.

The ability to invite a guest to a broadcast would allow content creators to include things like duet singing, live coverage of an event, and remote interviews among the various possibilities the feature would offer once it debuts on the social network. The tool is scheduled for the summer, initially for Verified Pages prior to a broader rollout.

Waiting Rooms

The virtual waiting rooms will allow viewers to linger about and wait for a stream to start, in case they don’t want to miss the beginning. As content creators will be able to preschedule the time for a broadcast to go live, Facebook would send relevant users notifications regarding the stream’s starting time so they can join the waiting room beforehand.

This would solve a major issue that has been prevalent on Facebook Live for a while; broadcasters don’t want to start the video until a considerable number of users have tuned in. This, in turn, repels the early viewers as the broadcaster waits for new users to join, which results in the stream not achieving its true potential. Now, the social network can get users hyped up and rally the troops before the live stream starts in order to get the broadcasters their full audience.

MSQRD Integration

Last but not least, Facebook is taking a page out of Snapchat’s playbook as it plans to introduce something similar to the various filters that have rapidly gained traction on the rival mobile application. The company is adding novel support for MSQRD users to directly open Facebook Live from the app and start the broadcast.

For the uninitiated, MSQRD is a video filter mobile app – similar to the lens and filter products of Snapchat – which the social media giant acquired in March. Once the update is rolled out to the Facebook app, users will be able to try out various effects and masks from within MSQRD while the video is broadcasted live to their friends.