Face of Progeria in India Nihal passes away


Telangana: Nihal Bitla, the face of Progeria in India passed away at the age of 15 in Telangana. Progeria is a disease that cause the human body to age 8 times faster than normal. Nihal was at Karimnagae in Telangana to attend a family wedding. He was rushed to a hospital, due to dehydration in the extreme heat at the wedding. Within a few hours, he passed away.

Nihal had become the face of progeria campaign in India. He along with his family, took up the challenge of raising awareness about the disease and of finding more such cases for medical intervention in the country.

He had once said that it was his dream to meet actor Aamir Khan as he was a big fan and had loved his movie Taare Zameen Par. In December his dream came true when Aamir paid him a visit at his home.

Nihal was one of the 124 children around the world who suffer from this rare genetic disease. One in 4 to 8 millions births, undergo a genetic mutation and develop this disease whose signs include, rapid ageing, hair loss, joint deterioration, stiff bones, all leading to premature heart attacks or strokes.