Eyewitnesses across LoC give details of surgical strikes, Bodies taken away on trucks


Srinagar: Amid the ongoing chaos over opposition leaders demanding proof of surgical strikes conducted by the security forces across the Line of Control, a report in media on Wednesday said that the bodies of those killed in strikes were loaded onto trucks for ‘secret burials’.

Eyewitnesses described how bodies of those killed in clashes before dawn on September 29 were loaded onto trucks for secret burials, the newspaper reported.

Brief but intense fire engagements took place resulting in the destruction of makeshift buildings of jihadists, the eyewitnesses said.

Their accounts match India’s claims that it carried out strikes against terror launch pads across LoC, a claim Pakistan has been denying.

But the eyewitness accounts as well as intelligence records obtained by a news agency, suggest that deaths in the surgical strikes may have been lower than the 38-50 killed attributed to Indian officials in reports, including in this newspaper, and have caused little damage to jihadist logistics and infrastructure, reported the daily.