Eye Make-up tricks to rock away any party.


Eyes are the most beautiful part of a girl’s body. They are the window to do their soul as they never lie. You can actually see whatever she feels in her eyes clearly. So it makes perfect sense to do them up as much as you might want a perfect wardrobe or a hairdo. From shimmer to dramatic Goth and decadent feathers, here are ways to up that game…

Ways to Reduce Arm Fat

1.Feather look

Go flashy with stick-on feathers or even rhinestones. While peacock feather make-up is a popular grab, you can also use neutral ones that go with any outfit. To get the look, first use a basic foundation or primer, then add shimmer eye shadow creating a 'wave' across your eyelids. Use dark and light colours to add dimension. Blend in the liner and stick on the feathers 

2.Duo Tone

For two-toned eyes, choose colours that will match your outfit. Start with the first shade and dab it on halfway through the eyelids. Apply the second one on the remaining half of your eyelid. Blend the line a little where the two meet. The trick is to use the lighter colour at the inner corner and cover three-quarters of your eyelid while dabbing on the darker colour at the outer edges for a better visual effect.

3.The perfect cat eyes

After adding a basic concealer on your eyelids, use a liner on the inner and and lower rim of the eyes. What is crucial here, is the winged-out edging. To get the look right, place your finger at the place where the upper lid ends and meets the browbone. Mark it with a dot. Trace a line from that spot to the outer end of the eye. Fill it with liquid liner.

4.Smokey eyes

Dramatic smoky eyes make for a dark look, leaning towards Goth. Alluring and sultry, the coveted look can easily be achieved with black kohl and a smudge brush. Go with a light blush and gloss to complete the look.

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