Explore This Beautiful Stupa Of Amravati In Andhra Pradesh


Amravati is situated on the right bank of Krishna River in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. During the reign of Satavahana dynasty, there was a center of Hindu culture. The ancient name of this city is the Dhanyaghat, Dhanyakatak or Dharnikot.

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In the second century BC, Colonel Kalin Mackenzie was the first to ascertain the Amravati stupa. Amravati stupa is made in the hourly pattern. Marble has been used instead of stones in this stupa.

This stupa has lost its roots and now its remains are left here. Its remains can be seen in the British Museum, London, National Museum, Kolkata and Chennai Museums.

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On the basis of these residues, it can be said that Amaravati had developed the local fundamental style of architecture and sculpture. Every idol has its own charm here.