Explore these mysterious forest around the world


There are so many forests in the whole world that no one has understood its secret till date. The jungle is as silly as it is from outside, the more dangerous than the inside. Many of the stories here are also famous because of which people are afraid to come here.

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Black Forest, Germany: –

In the Black Forest of Germany, many horror stories associated with ghosts, fairies are famous, due to which people are afraid to come here.

Rata Forest, New Zealand: –

Rata Forest is very popular for forest hiking. There are dried trees which are not crooked and crooked, people are scared to go here.

Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

This jungle looks like a fairy folk from outside, it is worth seeing here in the rainy season.

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Goblin’s Jungle, New Zealand: –

This forest is very popular due to its bright trees. It rains in most of the time, which gives these trees a different shine.