Explore the mesmerizing nightlife of Jaisalmer..

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Every city has its different night life and culture. People residing in metropolitan cities have whole day busy life. Similarly Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan has its unique night life. Here people from across the world come every year to explore the beauty of sam dunes. It is a doorway to the Thar Desert and famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan.

Check history behind this fort having Paras Stone..

The Rajasthan government is also taking lot of initiative to promote Jaisalmer’s Night Life culture among the foreigners and Indians. Person coming to Jaisalmer will get a chance to explore forts, havelis, wonderful events of light and music.

It is popular as Golden City of Rajasthan. Over 8 to 10 lakh tourists visit Jaisalmer every year. Tourists can visit the local heritage as well as historical heritage in Jaisalmer to watch the beauty of the Rajasthan.

Tourists coming to this city can enjoy can take pleasure in the folk songs. These folk songs contain folk tales, stories, puzzles, well-spoken poetry, along with the feelings of rain, savannas and other weather, animal-bird and social relations.

Take a glimpse of famous ‘Sambar festival’ of Rajasthan

Apart from it, you can also explore Tanot Mata temple, Mehangarh Fort, Gadisar lake and Patwon ki Haweli.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures